About Us

The vision of fanshan is to foster sustainable innovation of gender equality solutions in China.

We are determined to connect through fanshan's Newsletter, to amalgamate resources, and to steadfastly support China's gender equality and women’s empowerment (GEWE) organizations in their enduring journey towards advocating a future of gender equality.

The founding team of fanshan transcends industry barriers, comprising members from corporations, non-profit organizations, cultural and artistic collectives, among other sectors.

  • Members of the fanshan team average over six years of dedicated service to gender welfare in mainland China, standing as some of the most committed participants in the frontline of gender equality in Mainland China.
  • Team members have previously lead the largest single and cumulative funding initiatives dedicated to gender equality in Mainland China.
  • fanshan is adept at mobilizing social responsibility consulting teams and gender experts. We aim to develop a support system that benefits the sustainable development of China's GEWE teams.

fanshan does not have plans to publish specifically in English. If you have queries or suggestions of cooperation, please email to fanshan.general@gmail.com