Value Investment

fanshan is more than just a newsletter. It is also a conduit for participation in the advancement of China's gender equality.

As a non-profit initiative, fanshan currently offers an annual subscription fee of 289 CNY for individuals. A significant portion of fanshan's revenue is transformed into investment reserves. Once the annual reserve reaches 100,000 CNY, fanshan will support gender teams in Mainland China through the following investment portfolio:

- value investment;
- Pro Bono consulting services and capacity building.

For a variety of reasons, we predict that 80% of gender equality and women’s empowerment organizations in Mainland China remain obscure to the public eye, even to domestic internet users — due to organization names being unrelated to gender, making them difficult to search for; a lack of manpower has precluded internet outreach; sensitive positining prevents them from engaging in publicity efforts...

With China's size of population and land mass, the opportunities for targeted funding and investment in the field of gender equity are exceedingly scarce — less than 1% of foundations nationwide are willing to invest in gender equality;

  • In the "China Public Donation Research Report" published in December 2023, terms like "gender equality" or "women's development" are not even recognized as a "donation theme."

The fanshan team, emerging from the gender equality sector, is dedicated to removing the nettles of the web for our subscribers, clearing the mist of misinformation, and establishing avenues for engagement with gender equality in Mainland China, allowing those who are attentive to gender issues and aspire for equality to find an echo for their sentiments.

We will only publish content in English when it is of public interest.